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EST. 2020

Unique Decorative Specialists

Custom Candy Floors, LLC. was formed in 2020 with the intention of bringing this fast growing niche trade to South Texas.  Having prior years of experience in the construction, remodeling and property management trades, there was just something old and boring with the way flooring was all the same.  We felt that something more UNIQUE could be introduced into each and every clients RESIDENTIAL & COMMERCIAL spaces that would set them apart and turn this particular aspect of every space into something more remarkable and inspiring.

So, we decided to concentrate, research and exclusively begin to introduce and educate consumers about this awesome creative way to transform boring old concrete into WORKS OF ART.  We have been specially trained through our Partner THE CONCRETE PROTECTOR and are certified, insured, and experienced.  

We work with each client through consultations designed for each unique project.  Communication is paramount to us to explain every step and processes during installation so that you, the client can appreciate what actually goes into creating and UNIQUE ONE-OF-A -KIND floor collaboratively designed by US & YOU to suit your needs.

Let’s Work Together

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